Rosa van Walbeek


Ode/Sluit is a combination of video, installation, performance, text, literature, graphic design and sound. 
The work takes place in two spaces. 
Ode: is a little book placed on a pink table with a young woman in red/pink clothing and long white hair behind it. 
The book is her inner world and she decides on the tempo in which the pages are being seen/read. 
She will tell you -without speaking- when to touch the pages or to read it one more time. 
Sometimes you don't have enough time to read the page fully. Are you always allowed, entitled to know everything of everyone? 
The texts, colors and textures in the book form a musical whole. The graphic design is in fact a musical score. No one plays it out loud, it is only being heard inside of every head. 


Sluit: at the same time in a different building you can experience sluit. The two spaces together are one piece of art but they both have their own function. 
Sluit is a video-installation in a chapel. The organ starts with a big chord but slowly singular tones stop making sound. 
You see two video's, both with a woman, the same woman you meet at the table of Ode. 
On the vertical projection she runs towards you, stopping close to the camera, on the horizontal projection she is looking at herself running towards herself and decides to turn around. 
These two video's are looped, the woman tries to come closer to herself but every time she also turns away.