Rosa van Walbeek

In October I spend my time in Blekinge, a region in the south west of Sweden. Together with Xenia, Elisa, Haevan, Vicky and Serene we participated and co-created the residency 'Birds don't take the train but we do'. 

Here you can read a little reflection on my time there. 

During the residency we created a digital archive to be found at:

As a physical archive we made a publication hosted in a big wooden box. 



A video by Suzanna van Oers on the poem 'Life on Mars' by Peter Verhelst. 

On the 26th of June, Hans Vermunt graduated from HKU department Musician 3.0. His graduation performance was held at

Suzanna van Oers made a second skin, I got to wear it which was fun, beautiful, a bit uncomfortable and here you can see the result.